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We may make a big talk, but it doesn't mean anything until we can prove it in the real world. This is exactly why we have continued to prove ourselves for over 10 years with all of our clients.

Featured Project: Automated Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical Automation in the Real World

A pharmaceutical client was looking for an innovative solution to manage the storage of a controlled narcotic. They needed a system that would remove all manual operations from their tablet room. We designed and built this pill storage containment system, with the distinction of being the only robotic system of its kind in the nation. This fully contained system included features such as a Kuka robot, discharge and docking station, floor installed scales with loading guides and much more, all controlled with a highly developed interface.The design process included the creation of 2D drawings for manufacturing approval and 3D drawings for operation verification - in all over 200 drawings were generated to insure fit and function. Manufactured primarily of 316L and 304-stainless steel, it featured ground welds, polished external surfaces, and mirror polished interior surfaces.The first article was fully assembled and tested in our St. Louis plant before shipping to the customer's site. Our technicians provided full installation of the system, including shipping, rigging, leveling, and assembly of all of electro-mechanical systems, pneumatics, as well as the PLC interface.

Engineering & Fabrication of a Containerized Blender

A contract packager who provides a wide range of blended food items needed a blender designed and built that would fit the specific requirements of their operation. We visited the customer's plant to better understand the needs of their process and to determine the features and specifications that would be required to fill that need. The customer had space limitations and their process requires the blender to be torn down for cleaning after each batch. G2 engineers not only had to design a product that would fit in a small space, but be easy to clean and provide reliable, maintenance free operation.

The finished product featured a gearbox with a 3000 pound capacity, mass flow intermediate bulk containers, a bag break filling station, a super sack un-loader, and an overhead discharge station. All of the product contact surfaces were constructed of T-316L stainless steel, and polished to 320 Mirror (8-10 Ra). All of the structural components were made from T 304 stainless steel, and polished to 180 Grit (18-23 Ra). The system featured a fully programed PLC system which allows the operator to control the blender from an HMI, and is equipped with Ethernet to also allow operation from a remote control room. After fabrication, the equipment was run through rigorous factory acceptance testing (FAT) to verify that it met all of the customer's criteria.

New in 2024 ASME Certification

After months of hard work and dedication from everyone on the team, from the shop to the office, we're proud to now announce that we meet ASME CODE Certification. Not only does this further prove our commitment to excellence for our customers, but it lets us continue to provide the highest quality work with even more confidence.

This food producing customer had a requirements for a pressure vessel and non-pressure vessel tanks for an application. With our capabilities, we were able to accommodate the ASME CODE fabrication in-house on the process tanks along with the non-code requirement for holding tanks. Finishes and specifications were to match for all tanks for a clean cosmetic application in the process room where mixing and storing would be taking place. Yet another example of the G2MH difference you get when you chose us!

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