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Custom Engineering of a Thru Floor Discharge Station for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Engineering of a Thru Floor Discharge Station

The system shown here was originally custom engineered for a pharmaceutical customer to process capsules and tablets. However it has been applied to food products such as cereal, oil additives, even explosives. Designed as a thru floor discharge station it is used to fill tablet presses with powder products as well as gravity feed to a tablet press in a clean room. The thru floor design eliminates contamination from outside the tablet room.

Once the customer's requirements were determined, CAD drawings were created to show the interface with the discharge stand and the tablet press. A mezzanine was built to allow the mass flow bins to discharge product from the tablet press room above. A "Y spout" was used to direct the flow to two inlets on the tablet press. The discharge station was fitted with calibrated load cells, and designed to accept multi-size IBC's from different manufacturers. The system included features such as a vibrator, inflatable seals, auto opener, bin in place sensor, valve positioned indicator, and a flow sensor. The overall height was kept to a minimum to allow the IBC's to be loaded by pallet jack. In addition, an option for IBC's with casters was also offered.

All product contact areas were fabricated from T-316L stainless steel, and polished to 320 Mirror (8-10 Ra) finish, all welds were ground smooth and flush to 180 Grit (18-23 Ra) finish. The support structure and exterior was composed of T 304 stainless steel and polished to an 180 grit (18-23 Ra). These welds were also ground smooth and flush.

The system included a touch screen HMI, which provided the operator with full control of the unit from the tablet press room. An additional HMI was installed at the station for maintenance purposes. The PLC was equipped with Ethernet to provide information to the master control room. Flow testing of the product was completed at the G2 facility, we also provided the customer with all material documentation and certifications. For more information on this system, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Highlights of this Custom Engineered & Fabricated Equipment

Product Description   This Thru floor discharge station is used to fill tablet presses with powder products as well as gravity feed a tablet press in a clean room.
Capabilities Applied/Processes  
Tightest Tolerances   Discharge height: ± 1/16"
  • Insures proper alignment
Material Used   Product contact areas: T-316L stainless steel
Support structure: T 304 stainless steel
Material Finish   Product contact areas: polished to 320 Mirror (8-10 Ra)
Exterior materials: polished to 180 Grit (18-23 Ra)
Product contact areas weld finish: ground smooth and flush to match the parent materials.
Exterior welds: ground smooth and flush to 180 Grit (18-23 Ra)
  • Allows Mass Flow Bins to be discharged from above the Tablet press room.
Load Cells
Inflatable seal
Auto opener
Bin in Place sensor
Valve positioned indicator
Flow sensor
"y" spout
  • Directs the flow to two inlets on the Tablet Press Down tube fitted
  • Sanitary fittings for easy cleaning
Features/Benefits   Allows operator to open and close valve on the IBC
  • Maintains correct flow into the tablet press.
Load cells
  • Allows operator to determine how much product is remaining in the IBC and the optimum time to exchange IBCs
Containment is achieved with connections between:
  • Inflatable seal
  • Discharge Station
  • "Y Spout".
Easy and quick disassembly for sanitation cleaning
Eliminated contamination from outside the table room
Accepts multi- size IBC's
IBC's to be loaded by pallet jack
  • Offers an option of IBC's with caster
Calibrated to meet products involved
Auto CAD drawings prepared
  • Shows interface with discharge stand and tablet press.
Controls   PLC with touch screen HMI
  • Provides operator full control of the unit from the Tablet Press room, and an additional HMI at the station for maintenance.
PLC equipped with Ethernet
  • Provides information to master control room
In process testing/inspection performed   Flow testing
Industry for Use   Pharmaceutical industry
Food Packaging Industry
Volume   1
Delivery/Turnaround Time   Approximately 3 months
Delivery Location   San Juan, Puerto Rico
Standards Met   Welders: ASME and ASI qualified
Equipment met: cGMP/ FDA standards
Product Name   Thru Floor Discharge Station

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