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Engineering of a 600 Gallon Double Wall Mixing Tank for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Engineering of a 600 Gallon Double Wall Mixing Tank

A customer in the pharmaceutical industry needed a custom fabricated process tank to replace an existing tank at their facility. The tank was used for liquid storage and mixing, as well as heating, and cooling of the products contained. Our design allowed for a capacity of 600 gallons, and was fully installed without any field construction. Engineering of a new tank included a special Brawn mixer which was designed and fabricated to fit the new tank.

A computer model was developed to allow the customer to see the finished product prior to fabrication. The new tank featured a one horse power Brawn mixer with 27" shaft and three blade prop made from T-316 stainless steel. The tank had a dome top and bottom, a sidewall capable of handling a dimple heat transfer surface, a man way in the top, mixer mount, inlet and outlets, sight glass, level indicators, and load cells on each leg. Fabrication was completed by G2's ASME certified welders and fabricators. The tank was composed of a combination of T-316L stainless steel for all of the product contact areas, and T 304 stainless steel for all structural elements. Product surface areas were polished to a 180 grit / #4, with the exterior areas polished to 180 Grit (18-23 Ra). For more information on this project see the table below or contact us directly.

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Highlights of this Custom Engineered Mixer Project

Product Description   This Custom Process Tanks is used for liquid storage, mixing, Heating and Cooling of pharmaceuticals.
Custom Engineering Capabilities Applied/Processes  
Overall Part Dimensions   600 gallons
Material Used   Product contact areas: T-316L stainless steel
Support structure: T 304 stainless steel
The Heat Transfer Dimple surface: T-304 Stainless steel
Material Finish   Product contact areas: polished to 180 Grit / #4
Exterior materials: polished to 180 Grit (18-23 Ra)
Product contact areas weld finish: ground smooth and flush
  • Match parent materials
Exterior welds: Ground smooth
Ribbon polished to 180 grit
600 Gallon Insulated Process Tank
Horse Power Brawn Mixer
  • 27" shaft
  • Three blade Prop T-316 stainless steel
Dome Top and Bottom double wall
  • Heat transfer on sidewall for cooling (Dimple surface)
Load Cells
Level Gauge
Sight Glass
Man way
Fittings for inlet and outlet
Features/Benefits   level indicators and load cells on each leg
  • Capable of handling Dimple Heat Surface Transfer
Fit in existing room
  • Eliminates the need for field construction
In process testing/inspection performed   Approval Drawings prepared for the customer and door sizes verified prior to production.
Industry for Use   Pharmaceutical Industry
Food Industry
Volume   1
Delivery/Turnaround Time   2 months
Delivery Location   Ft. Worth, Texas
Standards Met   ASME design atmospheric
Welders: ASME certified
Product Name   600 Gallon Double Wall Mixing Tank

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