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Engineering & Fabrication of a Containerized Blender

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Engineering of a Containerized Blender Single Pedestal

A contract packager who provides a wide range of blended food items needed a blender designed and built that would fit the specific requirements of their operation. We visited the customer's plant to better understand the needs of their process and to determine the features and specifications that would be required to fill that need. The customer had space limitations and their process requires the blender to be torn down for cleaning after each batch. G2 engineers not only had to design a product that would fit in a small space, but be easy to clean and provide reliable, maintenance free operation.

The blender would have to handle multiple products with different densities, so gear box selection was critical. Our electrical department identified and sourced all of the components and controls that fit the specifications. The final design was a single pedestal blender and discharge station; we supplied the customers with a set of 3D drawings so that they would have a clear picture of the finished product. Since the application called for food grade equipment the blender selected was manufactured in T-304 stainless steel. The finished product featured a gearbox with a 3000 pound capacity, mass flow intermediate bulk containers, a bag break filling station, a super sack un-loader, and an overhead discharge station. All of the product contact surfaces were constructed of T-316L stainless steel, and polished to 320 Mirror (8-10 Ra).  All of the structural components were made from T 304 stainless steel, and polished to 180 Grit (18-23 Ra). The system featured a fully programed PLC system which allows the operator to control the blender from an HMI, and is equipped with Ethernet to also allow operation from a remote control room. After fabrication, the equipment was run through rigorous factory acceptance testing (FAT) to verify that it met all of the customer's criteria. For more information on this containerized blender project, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Highlights of this Custom Engineered Containerized Blender Project

Product Description   This Single Pedestal Blender is used to process food without contamination.
Capabilities Applied/Processes  
Tightest Tolerances   ± 1/16"
Material Used   Product contact areas: T-316L stainless steel
Support structure: T 304 stainless steel
Material Finish   Product contact areas: polished to 320 Mirror (8-10 Ra)
Exterior materials: polished to 180 Grit (18-23 Ra)
Product contact area welds: ground smooth and flush
  • Match parent materials
Exterior welds: ground smooth and flush to 180 Grit (18-23 Ra)
Single Pedestal Blender
Mass Flow Intermediate Bulk Containers
Bag Break Filling Station
Super Sack Un-Loader
Overhead Discharge Station
Controls   PLC with touch screen HMI
  • Provided operator with full control of the Blender
  • Time and Speed can be adjusted via the HMI
PLC equipment
  • Ethernet provides information to the master control room
  • IBCs mounted on casters and loaded into the Blender
  • Keep customer's operators using the same type of controls that exist in the plant
Features/Benefits   The Containerized Blender System
  • Eliminates cleaning and down time using Ribbon Blender
Full product containment achieved using IBCs for blending
  • Filling and Discharging
Improved sanitation in the Facility
  • Filling raw ingredients out of the process area
  • Hard connections between transfer points
  • Work in the blender
  • Handles the variety of bulk densities
  • Air tight
  • Capable of having nitrogen blanket
  • Designed to handle a maximum of 3,000 lbs.
3D Drawing
  • Helps customers understand the equipment
In process testing/inspection performed   All equipment is tested with a FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing)
Industry for Use  
Food Packaging Industry
Chemical Processing Industry
Powdered Metal Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Volume   1
Delivery/Turnaround Time   Approximately 3 months
Delivery Location   Chicago, Illinois
Standards Met   Welders: ASME and ASI qualified
Equipment met: cGMP/ FDA standards
Product Name   Containerized Blender Single Pedestal
Why did you choose this project to show case?   This is a central part of our equipment. Almost all Rx drugs are blended in this manner.

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